John Wilkes stay back, man. Stay away. Because you’re not cool. Stop. You’re kinda’ weird. You’re weirding everybody out.

There is quite a few attractive SJW feminists. One or two I know personally, but I also know of groups that set up rallys like slutwalk and paying attractive models to get topless/hold signs. In general though, it's not pretty. Remember all straight cis sex is rape hahahah.

Aha yeah I didn’t think there’d be many. From personal experience I know only one girl who’s openly for feminism and also gorgeous. Aha totally can’t forget that. Remember being a CIS white male automatically makes you a rapist aswell. SsSsssSscum.

Are there any attractive women who’ve claimed that they “need feminism”?

Keep in mind, i’m not asking for your emotional/defensive response, i’m asking for the truth.


mom: *knocks on door*

me: just a second don’t come i—

mom: image

What's worse then one bee sting? Two bee stings.What's worse than two bee stings? The Holocaust.What's worse than the Holocaust? Three bee stings. Never forget the six billion #itsanothershoah

It was six trillion, actually. Bad goy.