Our race, once the largest and strongest, is now a small minority in the world. Hordes of Marxists boast about how they ripped to shreds: our Unity, our Faith, our Blood, our Homelands, and our Pride. They have not won! Not long ago, Nationalism had disappeared; the few that continued the fight were forgotten by the masses. Today our numbers are growing faster than ever before. Macedonia, Serbia, Norway, Austria, Britain, The Baltic States, Finland, Hungary, Ukraine, France and Greece will be the first to Rise, and the rest of Europe will follow. No force on Earth, regardless of weapons or numbers, can ever hope to compete with the sheer Will of our People. Now more than ever, is Our Time to reclaim The West and Our Rightful Place In This World. We refuse to be held down any longer!

Arisches Volk wach auf!

Mensch zu Schwein - Yacöpsae