"Whether we live or die today is in the hands of the gods. They already know if we sup with them tonight, so fear not. Fight well, and if you fall, surely Odin will take you to Valhalla.” [x]


Jari Mäenpää (Ensiferum/Wintersun)

What do we do if we support neither Israel nor Palestine.
What if we just want them both to wipe themselves out?

Do we just sit here and wait or?

Feast on this, motherfucker!

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"You’re a Christian? Bigot! The Inquisition was blah blah blah"

"You’re a Buddhist? Oppressor! I am so sick of white people taking blah blah blah"


"So pure… So cold…
 Transilvanian hunger…”

~Darkthrone (1996)